/lʌks/ origin: latin meaning: light

“Only in very rare occasions you can see true features in a person’s face, the most natural being the thought. A painter examines the face and finds that essential thought of the person, however, when he paints, that thought in the face might not be there anymore. Only the photographer catches people just the way they are at that very moment - true.”   Fyodor Dostoevsky

Professional photographer

 I have always perceived the deeper meaning, because I believed in the power of stimulating the imagination. After the photography studies, this belief was strengthened by a famous Lithuanian photographer Albert Pocej. He was teaching me to move away from the standart decisions and this brought me closer to perfection.

 Another master, shifting my discoveries, was Australian Marcus Bell, who positioned himself as one of the top ten best worlds wedding photographers. He shared priceless knowledge, that inspired me capturing wedding moments with the accuracy of a dream.

 I am one of them now – a professional photographer, who values every story as a special moment of life. I want to help reflecting them unusually, emotionally and with light. And yet the light is a key to the door of the still eternity.